(Every day (except Sunday lunchtime)
On Reservation (no later than the previous morning)
any portion ordered is due

Frog Menu €17.50 

Inn Salad


Frog legs with parsley


Cream white cheese
Homemade desserts

Every Sunday lunchtime and public holidays
Formula Buffet 17.50

    Formula suspended until further notice

Buffet of cold and hot starters of your choice


4 Dishes to choose from


Cream white cheese
Homemade desserts


Summer deal: 3-course formula or 4-course formula – coffee


Our entries

Charcuterie plate  €7.00
Eggs meurette $6.50
The 12 burgundy snails  €14.00
The 6 Burgundy snails €7.00
Salad of croutons with strong cheese gratinated €7.00
Rabbit Terrine at Muscadet  €7.00
Salad of raw vegetables €6.50
Burgundy Persillé ham  €6.50
Lentil salad with shallots  €6.50
Green salad  €3.00

Our dishes

Hot dishes (cream chickens, beef bourguignon, andouillette Grison style, fish of the day) $12.00
Burger House  $12.00
Candied duck leg $14.00
Cheese omelet, green salad €5.20
Bacon omelette, green salad $5.50
Ravioles de Romans, green salad  $6.50
Steak 200grs $14.00
300grs steak $18.00 


Cream white cheese  €2.60
Plate of dry cheeses €3.30

Our desserts

Homemade caramel cream
or Burnt
Homemade chocolate mousse  €3.60
House Cake or Pie €3.60
Ice cream or sorbet 2 balls  €3.10
Colonel (2 balls of lemon sorbet – 1cl vodka)  €4.90
After Eight (2 chocolate mint ice cream balls – 1cl Get27)  €4.90
Dijonnaise (2 balls sorbet blackcurrants – 1cl crème cassis) €4.90